Transmit 5 from Panic

If you work on a Mac and do things with files and remote servers you have probably heard of Transmit. It is the go to tool and one of those things that kind of felt done, problem solved, as good as it gets etc. Well a while ago they announced version 5 (the first new version in 7 years) I thought I would pass, hey I had everything I needed. Then yesterday when re-imaging a machine I needed Transmit and downloaded the trail version. After a few hours of use I updated to the full version. Somehow they took something that felt complete and made it so much better. Not an easy trick. A fair few UI tweaks and then more services which just makes it easy to connect. It saves you time and makes more possible easily and those are things I like.

So if you are a Transmit user I recommend it and looking at it while they have 22% off the upgrade.

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