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tl;dr — TechShop is great but it needs help if it is to thrive. In particular, it needs more involved members and help reducing member churn. I have a 5-point plan that I am asking every member to consider.

1. Get to know your shop’s management team.
2. If something in the shop is broken or missing, report it and hold staff accountable for fixing or replacing it promptly.
3. Engage with the people who come round on tours.
4. Do not be afraid to ask for help from other members or offer it if you see someone struggling.
5. Take a random class, something that is beyond your experience or comfort zone.

I am here to promote Symantec joining the AirWatch Mobile Security Alliance as part of a Strategic Relationship between Symantec and AirWatch which brings the best in security and the best in EMM together.

I need new earbuds

Looking for the internet to help me select a replacement. I have had 3 sets of Bose which I really like but the cables do tend to fray. The sound is great and they work great on the phone but is there anything else out there that is as good and might be a bit more robust?

I walked into Los Altos on Sunday and stumbled across the plastic car show in main street. I am really starting to get an appreciation for these things and there was every age, stage of restoration and model out for show. Plus some really friendly, passionate and knowledgeable people.

If you are the owner of this one and ever want to sell it please get in contact
Old vs new. What was quite cool was both had their final sales invoices on display. There has been a lot of retail price inflation but a quick calculation revealed that the new one is approximately twice as expensive in real terms.

Great article.

Back when the HBO show Silicon Valley first aired lots of people picked up on the mandatory “making the world a better place” strap line that the writers so accurately observed. When it would come up in conversation I could always point to someone I knew who really was taking the smarts and experience of the software industry and applying it in an adjacent field to really make the world a better place. Helix and Grail are great examples of this. Both technically and organizationally complex but things that simply must be done. Like other moonshots these are more endeavors than traditional business ventures and show how forward thinking philanthropic investors like Bill Gates and Bezos Expeditions can play a positive role in shaping the world.

I look forward to seeing the Illumina story continue to unfold.

Illumina, Secret Giant Of DNA Sequencing, Is Bringing Its Tech To The Masses

It would raise the stakes even higher, but that didn't stop Jay Flatley, Illumina's then chief executive, from sending in vials of his own saliva and blood to the company's newly opened lab. It was January 2009, and Illumina's scientists were about to embark on their first mission to sequence a whole human genome.

Valve Array - USS Hornet Museum 9-6-2016 - 50mm f2.8 1/80th

Labor day 2016 saw us taking a family trip to Alameda to visit the USS Hornet Museum.

For a 70+ year old ship she is kept in surprisingly good condition. One bonus was discovering the role that she played in the Apollo program recovering missions including Apollo 11.

Ok it is finally time to see how this thing works and how it is going to help me get back into the habit of sharing things that interest me.

AI Websites That Design Themselves

This is not another do-it-yourself website builder. The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it - videos, images, text, urls and more - and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you. As your needs grow, it evolves with you, effortlessly adapting to your needs.